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Healthy And Happy Pets With Royal Canin

With the aim of supporting your pet's health and nutritional needs, Royal Canin offers a range of premium pet foods. In the last 50 years, Royal Canin has been creating breed-specific recipes to create nutritionally balanced diets tailored to every stage of your pet's life. Whether your pets are Beagles, Poodles, Daschunds, or Boxers, Royal Canin's premium pet foods deliver optimal nutrition served in mouthwatering meals.


Royal Canin Knows What Your Dog Needs

At different life stages, every breed of dog has specific nutritional needs that Royal Canin understands. No matter what kind of dog you have, Royal Canin dog food has been scientifically developed to satisfy the needs and tastes of your companion. The combination of cleverly shaped dental biscuits, breed-specific nutrients, and the most delicious, quality ingredients combine to make Royal Canin dog food simply irresistible to even the fussiest of dogs. So why settle for boring, basic kibble when every dog is so different? 


The Perfect Puppy Food to Nurture Your Growing Pup

As any new pet parent knows, there's nothing more rewarding than welcoming a new furry friend into the family. When it comes to nutrition, you want nothing but the best for your pup. Royal Canin puppy diets are formulated to support healthy growth and development. Breed-specific recipes contain ingredients that provide puppies of all shapes and sizes with the nutrients they need to grow. Wet and dry Royal Canin puppy food options are soft and tasty, so transitional feeding is easy on tiny teeth and sensitive tummies, making sure your puppy's appetite is satisfied for each new adventure.  


Royal Canin Cat Food is Purrfect for your Cats

When it comes to ensuring your cat's health and nutrition, there is no 'kitten' around when it comes to Royal Canin cat food. The combination of premium ingredients and flavors will keep your cat interested in their dinner while also providing top nutrition to keep your curious kitty healthy and happy. Royal Canin Cat food offers perfectly formulated nutrition for energy and development as your kitten rapidly grows. From coat and skin support to reduce nasty hairballs to breed-specific options and weight management selections. Royal Canin Cat Food will have your cat meowing for more.

Common Royal Canin FAQs:


How are Royal Canin Prescription Diets different from other Royal Canin foods?

Your cat or dog will benefit from Royal Canin Prescription Diets, specifically designed to treat ailments and clinically diagnosed diseases. Unlike prescription diets, which must be prescribed by a veterinarian, other Royal Canin products such as breed-specific formulas and performance foods can be fed without a prescription. Royal Canin's range of premium pet foods offers nutrition to support your pets' lifestyles. Australian pets love their formulas.

Can I buy Prescription Diets without a written prescription from my veterinarian?

Prescription Diets must be fed according to directions from your veterinarian. Vet Diets are not available over the counter, but can be ordered for click and collect or delivery.

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